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Super Mid-Size Aircraft (Other Options)

Falcon 900EX

A full size jet accommodating up to 19 passengers. Long range, high-speed travel up to 3,995 nautical miles at 590mph.

Falcon 2000EX

A long range, high-speed, super mid-size jet capable of 3,250 nautical miles at 530 mph.

Challenger 300

A long range, high speed, super mid-size jet with a capacity up to 16 passengers. Capable range: 3,100 nautical miles at mach 0.78.

Citation Sovereign

A long-range, light-weight jet accommodating up to nine passengers. Capable range: 2,847 nautical miles at 527 mph.

Citation X

A long range, high-speed, super mid-size jet accommodating up to 12 passengers. Capable range: 3,216 nautical miles at 604 mph.

Falcon 50

A super mid-size jet with 8 passenger capacity. Capable of long range, high-speed travel of 3,500 nautical miles at 550 mph.

Hawker 4000

A super mid-size jet made of ultra light carbon fiber composite fuselage. Accommodates up to 10 with a capable range of 3,100 nautical miles at 555 mph.

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