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Large Cabin Aircraft

Gulfstream G550

Full size, high-speed, long range jet. Accommodates up to 18 passengers. Capable range: 6,750 nautical miles at 608 mph.

Gulfstream G400

A full size, long range, high-speed jet accommodating up to 19 passengers. Capable range: 4,220 nautical miles at 528 mph.

Legacy 600

A full size, long range jet with seating for 13. Capable range: 3,250 nautical miles at 518 mph.

Challenger 604

A variant of the Challenger 600 featuring more powerful engines & higher fuel capacity. Performance exceeds the 600's 3,366 nm at 529 mph.

Challenger 600

A long range, high speed super mid-size jet. The 600 can carry up to 19 passengers. Capable range: 3,366 nautical miles at 529 mph.

Other Fleet Options

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