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Will a Private Jet Membership Benefit Me?

Flying has changed in the past few decades. The boom of commercial airlines has caused a competition for the most amenities and the most luxurious flight experience possible. This is great for flyers, but it can also make airplanes crowded with fellow passengers and cause the most enjoyable parts of the flight to sell out. The answer to long airport lines, crowded cabins, and booked flights is a private flight on your own chartered jet.

On a private jet you have an entire cabin to yourself and the guests joining you. You have access to food and drink through private catering services, bottle services, and the ability to customize your in-flight entertainment. You get privacy and comfort on the way to your destination. And the best way to take advantage of these amenities and this flying experience is by joining a private jet membership to get the best pricing and the best possible options for your flight.

Jet Options

A private jet is not one size fits all and a membership gives you options for the aircraft you want for your flight. There’s large cabin jets for larger parties or just more space for you and your guests. Super midsize jets and mid-sized jets also offer this luxury of space. Smaller, light jets, turbo prop planes, and other light aircraft offer less in space but no less in comfort. To get the best options of aircraft, a membership is the best way to go to achieve freedom of aircraft at the best price.


This is an important part of any private jet flight. But having a private jet membership lets you know that every time you travel, you’re traveling in the peak of safety with over 4 decades of operational excellence, acknowledged by the industry. In fact, we’ve won the NBAA Maintenance Technician Safety Award, an honorable recognition from the National Business Aircraft Association for our commitment to safety for all our guests.

Perks of the Membership

There’s plenty of charter jet services out there. But not all of them are made the same and some certainly fly higher than the others. Our Wings Club has been saving money for our members since 1978 and we continue to be proud of the work we do to bring the best possible flight experience at great prices. This is the highest level of quality, professionalism, and safety.

Our perks include multiple rate options for round trips, one-way trips, and empty leg trips. As a member you’ll have the best possible price available to you and have unlimited options on flight times and aircraft options. This allows you to maximize your time and to make sure your flight is working for you and your schedule rather than rushing to make a flight time on someone else’s schedule.

Make your next flight and all the flights after truly matter with a private jet membership. Have freedom to travel and freedom to choose when and how, will knowing you’re getting the best economic option available.

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