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Who Owns the Largest Private Jet?

A private jet is a status symbol and a great way to travel—learn who owns the largest one.

Those seeking luxury travel opportunities will find that few transportation methods offer more than a private jet. These amazing creations are able to effortlessly transport their passengers with both privacy and style. Many celebrities and industry leaders use private jets for travel—but have you ever wondered who owns the largest one among them? In this article, we will discuss the largest private jet and its owner.

The Largest Private Jet: What You Need to Know

A private jet is no small investment, and a large private jet costs that much more. Let’s explore the biggest private jet money can buy and the individual who has turned it into his home away from home.

What is the Largest Private Jet?

The largest private jet that is currently in circulation is the Boeing 747-8 VIP. It is a large private jet that offers hundreds of square feet of space and even includes two completely separate levels inside. There is no doubt about it—this private jet is perfect for traveling in style. Although it is amazing as a base model, the world’s largest has actually been modified to provide even more—including guest rooms, a gym, and an interior style you won’t find anywhere else.

Who Owns the Largest Private Jet?

The owner of the largest private jet is, as you might expect, a man of extreme prominence. It is owned by Joseph Lau, a man known for his real estate work and fortune. He is always traveling for work and needed a great way to travel comfortably—it certainly looks like he found it!

Choosing a Large Private Jet

There are a surprising number of private jets available, and they are most commonly shared and sold among the world’s elite. From celebrities to business leaders in every industry, the private jet you choose will be based on how you intend to use it, how many people you want to travel with, and what other features you are looking for.

How Much Does the Largest Private Jet Cost?

Private jet costs vary depending on value and the market. However, pre-owned private jets can have a more set value. In this case, Joseph Lau’s private jet is valued at over $360 million dollars—a price that combines the initial cost of the plane as well as the exciting features he has added. One look at this jet will show you that money can buy everything—even a flying hotel!

Experience Luxury Jet Travel!

Traveling by private jet is the ultimate experience that allows you to enjoy luxury and privacy in the air. To get the benefits of having your own private jet without the care commitment, you need aircraft management services. Our services make it easy for you to maintain your jet and get where you need to go!

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