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Where can you travel in a private jet?

Through the pandemic, wealthy travelers continued to fly and visit destinations as the country slowly opened. This is because private jet travel has made it incredibly safe to do so. Private Jet Company International Jet has stated how easy it is to travel domestically, and internationally through a private jet, due to there being a lot more airports available. But how many?

Where Can You Travel in a Private Jet?

Traveling commercially only allows for 500 airport destinations in the United States. When traveling by private jet, you are able to fly into one of 5000 airports instead. This is incredible because it allows you to get closer to your destination and cut out any extra travel such as a car share or limo. Whether you are traveling for business or leisure, saving time is always essential.

Popular Destinations to Fly Private in 2021

There are a few specific destinations to which many private jets fly frequently. These are somewhat off-season, but it just depends on what is happening as far as pandemic regulations.


Colorado is very open, and many private jet setters enjoy the communities of Aspen, Eagle, and Vail, Denver, and our private airport in Centennial

Massachusetts Islands and Cape Cod

Always popular with New Yorkers, Cape Cod and the nearby islands of Nantucket and Martha's Vineyard top the list for visitors from all over the country.


This state has been open for most of the pandemic, and there are reports of visits all over Florida. Whether than is to Key West or to Miami, private jet travelers are loving Florida and its many airports.


Although you may not think of it as a region for private jet travel, Texas has seen increased activity for those from Texas, and from outside of Texas. Most commonly people enjoy traveling between the Texan cities of Houston, Dallas, and Austin.


Atlanta is a booming city and there is proximity to the rest of the south. Flying there on a private jet makes it even quicker with many active flights from Florida.

Napa and Sonoma

Napa and Sonoma County are just north of San Francisco and very popular in the summer. This is because people love to drink wine and bask in the sun of Napa Valley. With incredible wine and world-renowned food, it is definitely a destination for private jet travel.

Vermont and New Hampshire

There has been an increase of flyers heading from the Southeast to places in Vermont and New Hampshire. Some people enjoy escaping Florida because Vermont and New Hampshire offer much better weather during the hot months.

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