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What kind of jet can you rent?

Renting a private charter jet in Denver isn’t as out of reach as you might think. In fact, private jet rental is becoming more and more accessible no matter your background. Whether you’re traveling for work or pleasure, private charter options are an affordable, and classy, way to go. Find out more about what types of jets you can rent and how to fly private on your next solo or group adventure.

Jet Rental Options

There are many options when it comes to flying private. In fact, private flights provide a lot of versatility and customization. This is possibly the biggest draw when it comes to private flights - you get to choose how and when you travel.

Option 1: Become a Private Jet Owner

Looking for a guaranteed seat every time? Owning a share of a private plane allows you the most flexibility when it comes to private flight options. Basically, you pay for partial ownership alongside other travelers and the private jet company. The company takes care of storage, upkeep, personnel, and more while you get to enjoy private bookings at any time.

Option 2: Book Private Charters

If owning a share of the jet isn’t your thing, then you can always book private charter flights. These flights are booked through a private charter flight company that owns and staffs the planes. Typically flights are priced per hour, making them a great option for out-of-town weekend trips.

Option 3: Purchase Private Flight Time

Another option for private travel is to purchase the flight time directly using a jet card. Jet cards price out specific time blocks so you can travel privately within that time frame. Let’s say you purchase a private jet card for 30 hours. Depending on how long your flights are, you could book several private trips within that block. This is a more popular option for businesses or individuals scheduling trips closer to home.

Jet Sizes and Types

There are also many different types and sizes of jets you can rent for private needs. Large-cabin jets can fit your whole group and feature many amenities. These include conference tables, electronic equipment and TVs, interior comfort items, baggage compartments, and more. With large-cabin jet options, a certified flight attendant and full flight crew are also included for a safe and comfortable flight.

Mid-size to smaller private jets are also available for solo or group needs. These jets fit anywhere between 6 and 10 passengers. Their smaller sizes make them a great option for fast and efficient travel for commercial or personal use. Many of them also feature amenities that private travelers enjoy like plush seating, additional legroom, writing tables, entertainment systems, and other cabin perks.

The best way to decide on your private jet options is to talk to a professional private jet charter company in Denver. Contact International Jet to discover the best ways to fly private and how you can book your private plane today.

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