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What is the best private jet?

Private jet flights are one of the best ways to travel in luxury and style. No matter if you’re traveling for business or pleasure, booking with a private jet company is a great way to enjoy the many perks of private travel at a more affordable price point. Not all private jet charters are created equally, however. Each private aircraft comes with specific amenities and perks - find out which one suits your needs below.

Large Cabin Jet: Dassault Falcon 900

Large cabin jets are some of the most luxurious options for flying private. Large cabin aircraft - like the Dassault Falcon 900 - can accommodate parties of up to 12 passengers for business travel or special occasions.

Special entertainment amenities like flatscreen video monitors, Blu-Ray players with Bose sound system headsets, and free WiFi for passengers really set this aircraft apart. Additionally, the large cabin features extra room for conference seating and executive tables that make business flights more convenient. In-flight certified flight attendants and other jet personnel take this private jet option to the next level.

Super Midsize Jet: Gulfstream G200

Super midsize jets are only slightly smaller than their large cabin counterparts. While still accommodating up to 10 passengers, the Gulfstream G200 offers a spacious cabin space with plenty of leg- and head-room.

Personal and business travelers can experience quick and efficient travel at the height of private aircraft luxury with special details like an ultra-quiet cabin design, high-quality entertainment systems, and plush seating. Business meetings and social media streaming are also easy with top-of-the-line WiFi, including a talk and text feature. Plus, on-hand certified personnel are available to make your flight as comfortable as possible.

Midsize Jet: Bombardier LearJet 60

While smaller private jets save on size, you certainly won’t miss out on the many features and amenities that these midsize aircrafts provide. Midsize jets like the Bombardier LearJet 60 take private business-class flights up a notch with lush seating options for the executive traveler.

Keep your mid-flight business meetings professional with additional writing desks and tables that add extra comfort and accessibility to this private jet option. Additionally, the LearJet 60’s smaller size allows it to travel at world-class speeds. This ensures that you arrive at your destination ahead of schedule, while always flying in safety, comfort, and style.

Flying like First Class

No matter which private jet option you choose for your travel plans, you’ll get to enjoy unparalleled, first-class service from an experienced crew. Each step of your private chartered flight is meticulously taken care of - from check-in and security at an exclusive, private hangar to a seamless onboarding process to your attended and comfortable flight.

Both business and personal fliers can experience this high-quality service from trained personnel no matter the destination. Other specialized services, like in-flight catering and private transportation to and from the airport, can also be arranged.

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