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What is a chartered flight?

Charter flights are unscheduled flights by a Private Jet Company. These are not a part of the normal airline route, and you will rent the entire plane to yourself. You can also determine departure and arrival locations and times. There are several types of charter flights:

  • Private Charter
  • Single Entity
  • Affinity
  • Public Charter

What to Expect When Flying on a Charter Flight

Because a charter flight is not part of scheduled service, the flight will depart when you need it. You can choose where you want to fly to and from. There are only 500 airports used for commercial flights and over 5500 used for private charters. If you need to travel to a city where there is no scheduled airline service, or requires multiple connections, then this is especially helpful. Save time with commuting by car and flying private instead.

Your Own Private Terminal

Privacy is one of the main advantages of chartering a flight. During a commercial flight, you have to get through a crowded airport and deal with security screening. Chartered flights mean that you leave from a private facility known as an FBO. You can even pull your car right up to the plane. This is extremely luxurious and also allows you to save time that you usually would have been waiting in line.

Meals, Entertainment, and WiFi

On a charter flight, you can design your own menu or pick whatever you want to enjoy midair. This means you can have sushi and champagne, or anything else you are in the mood for. There are also a wide variety of options as far as entertainment. You have the opportunity to use wifi, entertainment systems, and even an iPhone or Android hook-ups. You might even have the option to enjoy satellite TV.


Being able to charter a plane is not something that most people do every day. You can bring along someone you need to have a business meeting with, or spend time with family. Being able to have a private chat with whoever you want in the air is the ultimate luxury.

Bring Friends or Business Partners Along

Probably the greatest benefit of a charter flight is that you select who is traveling on the plane with you! Bring along your friends and family, and talk in a comfortable cabin setting. Give yourself the chance to relax and enjoy the privacy you need. Instead of wasting your time having a meeting before the plane, just combine the two. Time is money, and you can save both while flying a private charter.

Looking to Book Your Charter?

If you are looking for more information on what it costs to book a private jet charter flight, or you have a question, contact International Jet today. We can provide you with all the information you need.

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