Choose a Luxury Jet for Time Convenience

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Choose a Luxury Jet for Time Convenience

Flying in private luxury is the most exclusive way to travel and adds many benefits onto your trip experience. Luxury jets aren’t just for VIP leisure travelers, either. This travel option is perfect for anyone who wants to travel in style. Discover the top three reasons to choose luxury jets as transportation for your next adventure.

Choose a Luxury Jet for Time Convenience

Private air travel is the best way to avoid the hassle of airports. From waiting in line at security, to finding your bags amidst the hodge-podge of others belongings, airport travel can add hours onto your trip. With a private luxury jet, you can control how much time you spend at the airport before your flight takes off. With the ability to personally notify your pilot of any changes or issues, your flight plans become easy and manageable.

There are just over 5,000 public use airports in the U.S., reports Statista. However, only a little over 500 of these are commercial airports. Thousands of airports cater to private jets, making your trip completely customizable. Additionally, it's possible for smaller private planes to land in more remote areas. Not only will you have more options at your fingertips, but you’ll save time on your arrival, as well.

Choose a Luxury Jet for Privacy

Whether you’re answering an important phone call or video chatting with your spouse, you can do it all in the comfort of complete silence. Commercial flights are usually noisy and offer no privacy when it comes to important tasks or calls. When taking a luxury jet, feel free to take your business call on speaker phone, since you’ll have your flight all to yourself. Your time and productivity are important, and private jets take your needs seriously.

International Jets offers other private amenities, including a 37,000-square foot passenger terminal in Denver. This exclusive terminal is the ideal private retreat for guests and includes a complimentary refreshment area, conference rooms, and a deluxe boardroom. For those flying for business purposes to and from Denver, this private facility enhances your luxury jet flying experience.

Choose a Luxury Jet for More Freedom

Flying privately also allows for more choices when it comes to beverages, meals, and catered services. Although alcohol is still required to be served by crew members only, you’ll have more control over which alcoholic beverages are served. Additionally, those with food allergies or preferences will be glad to hear they get to select their in-flight meals. In most cases, you’ll also have your choice of seating preference. With private air travel, your trip is personalized to suit your every whim. From an all-inclusive dining experience to an exquisite view, your luxury flight is sure to impress.

Overall, flying in a private luxury jet offers more freedom to passengers in all aspects. Trips are customizable to cater to your needs, and wait times are significantly shorter, so you can focus on enjoying the journey. For your next business trip or travel adventure, why not choose a luxurious and private travel experience that checks all your boxes?

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