International Jet Partners with Make-a-Wish Foundation

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International Jet Gives Back with the Dream Chaser Program

International Jet Aviation has earned its reputation as a leading private jet company in Denver, specializing in air charter and aircraft management services for passengers and plane owners, both nationally as well as on a global scale. However, what many people don't realize is that International Jet Aviation is also a dedicated member of the Greater Denver community. With an operational history that spans forty years, International Jet makes it a top priority to not only serve their customers but also serve the people who call Denver and the surrounding region their home. The private jet organization often participates in local events and charitable organizations as a way to give back to the community that has supported their own company over the last four decades.

International Jet's Dream Chaser Program Gives Back to Denver Community

International Jet

International Jet Aviation also coordinates its own internal philanthropic efforts through its Dream Chaser initiative. The concept for the program started in the fall of 1979, when the companies co-owners launched International Jet with one small Cessna 421B prop plane and one primary goal: to create comfortable, convenience, and luxurious traveling experiences for passengers across the world. International Jet's owners also made one quiet promise to themselves all those years ago. They vowed that, if they were able to make their dream business a success, they'd find some way to give back to their surrounding community.

The company has grown a lot over the last 40 years. That single Cessna craft has morphed into one of the largest Learjet fleets in the Rocky Mountain Region. However, International Jet has never forgotten its pledge to contribute to the Greater Denver region in some capacity; the company launched Dream Chaser in 1991, to help the company keep its promise by partnering with other charitable organizations and shine a light on as well as support worthy causes throughout the area. The program uses one of the company's jets to lift the spirits of children throughout the area that are fighting a serious or critical illness. Under the Dream Chaser initiative, whenever an International Jet aircraft needs new paint or is approaching retirement, the company's staff and volunteers within the community paint the jet in the colors of the rainbow and then travel to various cities where they can take a small group of kids for an aerial tour of the area.

International Jet Partners With Make-a-Wish Foundation

International Jet's Dream Chaser program often partners with Make-A-Wish Foundation as part of its charitable efforts. Like many other local businesses, the company chose to align with Make-A-Wish due, in part, to its stellar reputation as a trustworthy philanthropic organization. International Jet also chose Make-A-Wish based on the services the company offers, helping kids of all ages and with a wide range of serious illnesses realize an individual goal or dream. International Jet appreciates the opportunity and privilege to work alongside the renowned organization to help it grant wishes to its many participants.

Dream Chaser on Fox News

One recent wish International Jet Aviation was able to help fulfill was that of Clyde Hoffman, an 11-year-old boy from the Colorado Springs region. At only 11 years old, Clyde has already endured a long, uphill battle to regain his health. At birth, Clyde was diagnosed with Alagille, a disease that primarily impacted his liver. After years of battling the sickness, Clyde was finally cleared for a liver transplant. On August 6, 2018, he was able to undergo the operation, which was a success.

Clyde was recently able to participate in the Dream Chaser/Make-A-Wish program, where he boarded the rainbow-painted LearJet. During his flight, Clyde was able to get a birds-eye-view of picturesque Colorado Springs, exploring the city in a way he never had before. Fox News ran Clyde's story, quoting the boy as saying, "This is just amazing," Clyde said. "I like it so much. This is a nice airplane."

For Clyde, the Dream Chaser program may have granted his wish, but the pre-teen is not done setting goals and dreaming. He has future flight plans he hopes to achieve someday. "My make a wish to take the longest flight in the world to Singapore," Clyde said.

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40 Years of Service