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How Do Charter Flights Work?

When you want to fly out to your favorite vacation spot, you might be mentally preparing to deal with crowded airports and cramped seating. However, charter flights offer another path. You can take off at the time of your choosing and travel with the passengers of your choosing. Here's what you need to know about these types of flights.

What Exactly Is a Charter Flight?

You're probably already familiar with how most commercial flights work. Planes travel to specific destinations according to a predetermined schedule. It's up to passengers to find the flight that's headed in the direction they want to go, and then show up on time for departure. When flying commercial, you might be joined by well over 100 other passengers, meaning you'll likely have to interact with strangers outside of the crew.
Charter flights offer an entirely different experience. For starters, you reach out to the private jet company and provide details on when you want to depart and from where. You'll also offer info about your return trip preferences. In other words, you set the course, rather than find yourself adapting to a preset flight plan.

Why Book a Charter Flight?

Charter flights come with all sorts of benefits that you won't find when flying commercials. For most passengers, the most obvious and useful advantage is the ability to customize the flight's timing and destination.
Another benefit is that you can be more selective about who flies with you. Bring a group of your closest friends and family members along for the ride. You can celebrate special occasions in the privacy of the jet, and then continue the festivities once you land. Because these flights hold a small number of passengers, the crew will be able to give you and your party more attention than you'd receive on a commercial aircraft.

What Kinds of Planes Can You Choose From?

Companies like International Jet have expansive fleets that include large-cabin jets, super mid-size jets, mid-size jets, light jets, and turboprop planes. Each plane has comfortable seating and various amenities, such as lounges, to ensure an enjoyable flight.

What's the Cost?

Of course, if you want to enjoy the privacy and comfort of a charter jet, you’ll need to consider the price tag. The cost of a charter jet can range anywhere from $4,000 up to $20,000 per hour. Factors that influence the cost include the size of the jet — the bigger the jet, the more potential passengers.

3 Ways to Save Money on a Private Flight

To save money, you can:

  1. Split the cost between everyone who is in your travel party.
  2. Book a shared charter flight and divide the price between multiple parties.
  3. Sign up for Emply Leg Alerts book empty leg flights. This is when you catch a flight with a plan that's already traveling from one place to another, regardless of passengers.

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