Helpful Things to Know When Chartering a Private Jet

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First Time on a Private Jet? 7 Tips to Make Your Trip a Success

Private jet travel in Denver offers the ultimate experience in convenience and luxury, prompting people to make the permanent switch from the more chaotic, often unpredictable, commercial services found in this region. Unlike restrictive commercial airline schedules and restrictions, a chartered plane makes the world your oyster, allowing you and your group to fly virtually anywhere at virtually any time. Best all of, no matter where you go, a chartered aircraft means you'll travel in style, with gourmet meals, and an extensive range of extravagant creature comforts to make the journey itself just as enjoyable as the final destination.

What You Need to Know Before Chartering a Private Jet in Denver

As the number of first-time private aircraft travelers in Denver continues to grow, it's essential for fliers to know what to ask, what to expect, and some basic etiquette standards to ensure the best flight experience possible. Before booking your flight, you should know:

Assigned Management Team

Put simply: not all Denver aircraft management services are created alike. When booking your trip, you'll want to ask about the company that's in charge of the care, maintenance, and staffing of the private jet you'll be flying. Your chosen team should prioritize comfort, convenience, federal compliance, and passenger safety to ensure the ultimate peace-of-mind flying experience for you and your guests.

Parking Protocol

One of the biggest perks about chartering a private aircraft is that you can typically drive your vehicle right up to the aircraft. Everyone in your travel party can quickly board while the crew manages the luggage and parking/storing your vehicle after you've taken off. Confirm the parking protocol with your chosen provider. Also, when pulling up to the plane, always remember to align your wheels away from the aircraft and set your parking brake to avoid any runway mishaps.

Luggage Limitations

Many people assume that chartering a private jet means they can exceed the standard luggage limits often enforced on commercial airlines. This isn't necessarily the case. Many private aircraft may have luggage limitations due to available storage compartments or even weight restrictions. If you're flying alone or as a couple, you may not have to worry about how much you can bring with you. However, if you're bringing a group of people, your luggage should be a consideration.

Beverage Rules

Unlike commercial airlines where you have to wait for the beverage cart to finally reach your aisle, the FAA rules allow passengers on a private jet to bring their own alcohol on the flight. The one rule to remember: the FAA also mandates that any alcoholic beverages on the flight must be served by your designated crew. One other potential caveat? Red wine. Some chartered flight companies have a no red wine policy to avoid spills and stains within the cabin.  Always discuss the specific beverage policy with your chosen provider before your trip.

Identification Requirements

Flying on a private jet means you'll never have to wait in a long TSA security line or have to follow the strict liquid regulations. However, many people flying on a chartered plane don't realize that they still have to bring proper identification when boarding the plane. For domestic trips, a driver's license is typically sufficient. However, for international travel, you'll need a current passport.

Paying Has Its Privileges

No, private aircraft travelers aren't relegated to assigned seats...for the most part. Generally, the only assigned seat on a chartered plane is the one reserved for the owner of the jet or the person paying for the excursion. If you don't fall into either one of those categories, you should wait until the person who does selects his/her seat before grabbing yours.

Book Early

Many private crafts can be booked for travel on the same day (yes, really). However, booking in advance definitely has its advantages. Giving your chosen provider as much of a heads up as possible will grant you access to your choice in aircraft, which can make a significant impact on your overall flight experience. Business trips, family travel, and even group getaways – booking in advance means you'll be able to select a jet perfectly suited to deliver optimized convenience and comfort throughout your flight.
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