Charter a Plane for College Tours

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Take a Private Jet for the Ultimate College Tour Experience

As parents, we all know one unwavering truth: the years spent raising our children pass by at hyper-speed. In the blink of an eye, we find ourselves racing through a litany of formative milestones and then, somehow, taking them on a college tour to help them find out what they'll do and study after high school. If you're a parent with a child that's considering heading off to university after their high school graduation, you probably already recognize that the college tour process can be rife with challenges, inconveniences, and stress, both for you and your almost grad.

While you cannot eliminate the anxiety of the college selection process altogether, you can lower the tension levels considerably. How? By choosing a private jet charter from Denver as the ultimate college tour vehicle.  Some benefits to renting a private jet to visit some of the higher learning institutions on your must-see list include:

Unparalleled Comfort and Convenience

Let's face it: Road trips only sound fun…until everyone actually has to cram themselves into the car for hours on end. Renting a private jet means you'll never have to share your traveling space crushed between everyone's bags and belongings. You and your high school student (and anyone else in your traveling crew) will have plush, spacious, and luxurious accommodations during your excursion, so you stay relaxed and rested throughout the journey.

Additionally, going via ground means you're at the mercy of the freeway when it comes to finding meals and restrooms. Not with a private jet. These beautifully appointed aircraft have private bathrooms for you and your group. Also, when it comes to meals, it's hard to beat a chartered plane. You and your companions will get to put together a menu based on your tastes, preferences, and restrictions so everyone in the cabin gets exactly what he or she would like for meals.

You Pick the Travel Itinerary

Getting to all of the colleges on your student's list of prospects not only takes longer when taking an automobile, but it can also require planning several individual outings to (eventually) get to them all. Chartering a plane allows you to plan out the entire travel itinerary, in whatever way proves most valuable to you. Whether you want to go from closest to furthest away, or prefer to visit each campus in order of which ones you're most excited about, you're in complete control of your itinerary and destination.

More Time on Campus

Not only does chartering a plane during the school tour season means you'll get to each college or university faster, but it also means that you'll get to spend more total time visiting every individual campus as well. Flying eliminates worrying about traffic preventing you from making it to your tour session on time. You determine the agreed upon takeoff time, and your charter craft vendor will honor it, instantly giving you extra time at each stop to truly take in and appreciate everything offered at each individual school.

Make the Most Out of Your Time on Campus

Of course, how you'll travel to each school on your list is only the first (albeit important) step to a successful adventure. It's also essential to consider the various tour types, so you can determine which one suits you best.

Walking tours generally last for a few hours, and are typically led by an undergrad student, giving you an up-close look at what life is like for residents. Open houses tend to run longer than walking tours. These sessions focus more on the university's academic opportunities. You and your student will have a chance to meet with available faculty and staff members about programs, clubs, activities, and support services.

Self-guided tours provide an opportunity for you and your crew to explore the college campus at your own pace. Look online for any digital maps and guidebooks needed to peruse the grounds, or go to the student union to ask about paper versions of what you'll need to learn more about the school. Finally, it is possible to have an overnight visit at a college or university. Contact the school admissions officer to schedule a meeting with the appropriate professor or department head prior to your arrival.

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40 Years of Service