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Can you fly anywhere with a private jet?

Have you ever wondered if a private jet can fly anywhere? Well, they can fly to more locations than a standard plane. This is one of the main reasons why private jets are so popular. They are extremely convenient.

Can Private Jets Fly Anywhere?

In the United States alone, a private jet can gain access to more than 5,000 airports; compare that to about 550 for a commercial airline. For this reason, private jets are the preferred travel option because it cuts flight time and provides for an incredible experience. People often wonder why private jets have five times more access to most airports than commercial flights. This is because private jets can land on smaller runways and can land at smaller airports where commercial flights cannot.

Flying Private is Faster

Contrary to popular opinion, private jets can be just as fast as commercial ones. It all depends on the size of the jet. Small planes are a bit slower, but overall, a private jet will get you to your destination faster. There are fewer delays, more direct flights, and you can save a lot more time overall when you use a private jet.

Fly Private Without Owning a Plane

If you cannot purchase a plane, the best way to fly privately is to own part of one. This is called a jet membership. A jet membership allows the cardholder to own a fraction of the jet, with a maximum number of flight hours that can be used each year. If this option doesn’t suit your needs or budget, then you can hire a plane. This is called chartering a plane and is a popular choice because it is convenient and cost-effective.

Advantages of Using Private Jets

No Luggage Limitations

If your luggage is heavy, then you may struggle with bringing it on a commercial flight. On a private jet, you can bring as much that will fit in the plane. This is extremely convenient.

Peace and Quiet

If you are a business traveler, then you may prefer private jets because it makes it easy to work on your flight. You can answer emails, have a conference call, or hold meetings with privacy and without interruptions.

Pets Allowed

On a private jet, you can bring your pet and allow them to walk wherever they wish. Bring one pet, or four, you can do whatever you want as long as they behave.

Private Jets to See the World

In short, private jets can fly almost anywhere. Where there is an airstrip, you can land a small private jet. Flying on a private jet offers luxury and convenience and an amazing way to experience the air. Contact International Jet today to learn more.

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