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Can you fly a private plane internationally?

Booking a private flight is a great way to travel both locally and internationally. However, international travel does include more requirements and regulations typical of any flight abroad. Before hiring aircraft management services and setting out on your private international flight, review these quick tips and guidelines.

International Private Flight Tips

Have your passport or travel visas ready

Some private charters don’t require travel documentation when it comes to local flights. However, any international flight - whether private or commercial - requires travel documents like passports and visas. You can be prepared for this step by researching your travel destination’s regulations beforehand. Flight manifests are also created by the jet company before liftoff with details regarding all passengers. This ensures that immigration services have all the information they need upon your arrival.

Be On Time For Your Flight

Luckily, you won’t need to show up three hours early to a private flight like you would a commercial one. This is because you won’t need to bother with the long security lines and typical waiting periods at the terminal. With private jet travel, you’ll experience a quick and efficient onboarding experience no matter your destination. You should still show up a little early, however, to ensure all your documents and baggage are processed correctly and on time. Arriving about an hour early can also help you settle into your private seat before takeoff.

Customs Checkpoints

Regardless of how you travel, customs stops are still required. This is to ensure that all travel laws are being observed, as many countries have restrictions regarding what you can bring or take with you. Unlike commercial flights, private jet guests don’t have to wait in the long customs lines to make their declarations. A customs agent will often meet private jet travelers at the airport directly to collect any dues.

Return Flight

Booking a return flight is a similar process as when you left from your home country. So, keep in mind all the tips above to have a smooth transition home. Ensure that all your travel documents are with you and show up about an hour before your scheduled flight. Be ready for any customs declarations if you decide to bring items back with you.

Benefits of Private International Flights

The biggest benefit of booking a private plane for an international trip is that it broadens your choice of destination. With commercial flights, you’re only able to book options that the aircraft companies make available to you. Private jets offer quieter, quicker, and more efficient travel options to any destination. This includes less-accessible areas with smaller airports like islands. This also cuts down on travel costs because you’ll be able to fly into a smaller airport that’s closer to your destination.

If you’ve always wanted to travel internationally in a private plane - now’s your chance. International Jet makes the private flight booking process quick and easy so you’re ready to head out to your dream destination. Contact us for more private travel options as well as premier aircraft management services.

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