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Can a Private Jet Fly Across the Pacific?

Chartered jet travel is an attractive option for a variety of travelers, giving numerous benefits over flying commercially. But there are still questions about the scope and distance of private jets, and the limits of how much distance they can cover in a non-stop flight. Private charter jets in Denver likely aren’t booking non-stop flights to Australia, but they still can travel good distances. Charter jets are more versatile and powerful than ever before, but there are still limits to what they’re able to do.

How Far Can Charter Jets Go?

When asking if a charter jet could make it all the way across the Pacific Ocean, the answer isn’t so simple. There are planes that can do it, but not even very many commercial planes make the direct flight over a body of water that large. There are some commercial planes that can accomplish the flight, but it’s generally not something that’s very common for private flights.

Private jets can generally travel anywhere between 2,000 and 10,000 nautical miles, depending on the size and the weight of the aircraft.  However, the typical fuel range for a private jet is around 1,500 miles for smaller jets, up to 4,000 miles for some of the larger ones. The exact distance a charter flight can go varies based on a number of factors. The weight of the aircraft can vary based off of how many people and how much cargo is on board, and fuel isn’t light, either. Of course, longer flights are generally more expensive, as well.

Do Many Flights Cross the Pacific?

The Pacific Ocean is a massive body of water that is almost 12,500 miles at its widest part. That means an extremely large amount of fuel is required to fly across. Even larger commercial flights take curved routes over the enormous body of water, because they can be more fuel efficient. Because of the size of the Pacific Ocean, it’s much more remote than flying over other bodies of water.

Pilots generally like to stick close to the coast on flights over massive bodies of water because it makes refueling easier. The ocean also has unpredictable and volatile weather patterns, meaning a higher potential for danger for the pilots trying to traverse the ocean. There are many safer, and often times shorter, routes to cover the distance without putting the flight in danger.

What Else Should I Consider for Long Private Flights?

Using private charter jets in Denver can offer a great deal of comfort and convenience for any traveler, including those looking to go a little bit father than just a quick flight. They can provide excellent service for every guest on your flight, and the privacy and personal attention can make the flight an overall great experience. Add in specialized catering and other services, and this might be a very attractive option for your next trip – business or otherwise.

Private flights are a great option for both business and personal travel. For more information on the parameters of private jets, or to find out the benefits of choosing private charter flights over flying commercially, contact the experts at International Jet today.

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