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Are Charter Flights Safe?

If you are looking to charter a private jet, then you might be wondering how safe the flights are. The good news is that chartered aircraft are some of the safest forms of non-commercial flying. Charter operators use both professional and experienced crews. Additionally, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) oversees these flights more strictly than other operations.

Safety Regulations

In the United States, the FAA has federal aviation regulations that specify safety rules for all aircraft. Companies that fly aircraft in which the passengers own fractional portions are regulated under Part 91K, which is a subsection of Part 91. This area has tighter requirements. On-demand air charters is under even stricter Part 135. This applies to commuter airliners with 10 or fewer passenger seats. Major airlines must follow Part 121.

Private Jet Charter is Typically Safer Than Other Options

Just like commercial airlines, a Private Jet Company ensures that safety for passengers and crew is their top priority. All companies take their own measures to ensure they have an extremely safe record. When examining the statistics, it is found that there are fewer passenger fatalities on charter or private jets combined, as compared to commercial airliners.

Why Private Charter is Safer

Many companies are extremely reputable. Typically you can also find the reputation and safety record of the company you want to fly with. This will ensure that they have a good record, and are certified before you partner with them. This is the first and most important step to take when considering your safety.
You can also consider the experience of the pilot as well. Most pilots have years of experience to be hired by a private jet service. Many of them have worked in the commercial field for a decade or more beforehand.
Additionally, in many cases, bad weather is less of a problem than commercial airliners. This is because they are larger, and have a larger risk to passengers. This is not the case for private jets, as they can usually fly above bad weather or divert to a nearby area to avoid this.

Private Jet Companies Exceed Minimum Safety Requirements

One key factor of safe operators is exceeding the minimum regulatory requirements. For example, many Part 135 charter companies can operate in higher standards of Part 121 regulations. Although not required, the best charter airlines will do this. Part 121 calls for shorter flight duty times combined with longer crew rest periods. This makes the flight safer overall.
Safety equipment is another key factor in accident prevention. The FAA requires that all flight data is recorded, as well as black boxes be painted orange. In addition, multi-engine turbine airplanes and helicopters with six or more passenger seats require two pilots. This makes flights a lot safer.

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