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Are private charter flights cheaper?

If the thought of another busy airport has you stressed out, hiring a charter with a Private Jet Company may be your answer. Never again reach a busy airport after getting out of your limousine and dragging your designer luggage through the crowds. While other people take off their shoes, you can go straight to your charter plane. But, isn’t this unattainable? It is a lot more affordable than you might think and may even save you money in the long run.

Why Fly Private?

  • Spend an extra hour in bed before going to the airport
  • Enjoy a glass of champagne in your seat
  • Bring unlimited liquids
  • Relax and avoid the crowds
  • Stay COVID safe

How Can I Save With a Private Jet?

Although you may think you need to be rich to relax on a private jet, this is not the case. More companies have set out to disrupt the private jet industry by offering accessible flights and options. Chartering a private jet may be more affordable than you think.

How to Save When Flying Private

Lease a Jet

Private jet rentals are now for everyone. There are plenty of places that you can go to charter a whole plane for a good price. These options include:

  • Booking a seat on scheduled flights
  • Book empty seats on small planes
  • Hire your own private charter jet for a minimum of 1,000 USD

Book a Seat

If you have ever wondered how to fly private and save money, then you may be happy to learn that you can simply book a seat. For the price of a business class ticket, you can book a seat and enjoy a ride in style. Although this won’t be exactly private, it is better than flying commercially.

Hire a Private Jet With a Few Friends

If you want to fly with your friends, you can now hire a jet, pool your money together, and fly for less than what you would normally pay. This is a great way to ride in style and enjoy yourself for less. For example, rather than spend $4000 to charter a jet for just yourself, you can split this among seven people. This ends up working out close to the same cost of a business class ticket.

What You Save by Flying Private

Time equals money and you cannot get the time back that you spend waiting in line and wasting your life. You can have private business meetings on a private jet, which allows you to work while in the air. Never worry about someone overhearing your conversation. You can also save on your transportation expenses. Rather than spending a large amount of money attempting to get to small towns or specific areas, a private jet can fly into all of the small airports. This saves time, money, and hassle. Fly private today! Contact International Jet for more information.

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