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If you own a private aircraft, a comprehensive maintenance strategy is a must. Your private jet represents a significant capital asset that requires routine and systematic upkeep to sustain its value and keep it running the way it should. Unfortunately, many owners quickly realize that maintaining their private jet themselves can be excessively time-consuming and expensive. For owners looking to maximize the utilization of their private jets, professional aircraft management services often prove an ideal solution. Leading providers of aircraft management solutions offer a full suite of capabilities, functions, and innovations for privately owned planes to help owners increase the utilization and enjoyment of their planes as well as improve the overall longevity of the craft.

Understanding some of the advantages associated with aircraft management services can help you determine if it's the right choice for your personal jet. Teaming with a professional provider committed to maintaining your craft means you'll enjoy: Six Reasons


Owning a private jet enables you to access some of the most incredible destinations across the globeā€¦as long as you have a flight crew capable and ready to make it happen. Professional aircraft management services ensure that you have a full suite of flight experts prepared to take you where you want to go, whenever you need them. Your chosen provider will deliver the infrastructure and functionality that comes with having access to fully-trained, experienced, and skilled flight crews, without having to absorb the expense of maintaining your own team of professionals for optimal value and return on overall investment.


In addition to fulfilling your piloting needs, outsourcing your private jet management requirements also offers around-the-clock flight programming and coordination. Your partner's scheduling and dispatch team will carefully work through every trip detail, to plan, verify, and execute a seamless excursion from start to finish, making comfort, convenience, and safety a top priority. Beyond the itinerary logistics, your dedicated flight coordinators will also work with you to personalize your trip. They'll collaborate with you to develop delicious in-flight meals that not only satisfy every appetite but also consider various health and allergy concerns as well. Additionally, your coordinators will work to proactively anticipate any of your needs during the trip to ensure you can relax, rejuvenate, and simply enjoy the journey.


As a private jet owner, you probably already know that tuning up and repairing your craft is a full-time job on its own. A qualified management team will handle every maintenance need for you. You will not only be able to offload this laborious responsibility to your provider, but you’ll also have the peace of mind that results from knowing your aircraft is being tended to by highly trained field experts capable of handling all routine inspections, addressing all FAA bulletins, and keeping your plane running at maximum capacity. Most importantly, your hired craft maintenance team will work around your flight schedule to make sure your jet is ready and waiting for you when you need it.


As part of your professional partnership, your aircraft management provider should also include access to an exclusive passenger terminal. Private terminals provide optimal convenience and comfort to ensure you and your traveling companies have a spot to relax before every flight. A high-end vendor will also offer a secured and heated aircraft hangar to make accessing your plane quick and easy.


Perhaps one of the most noteworthy benefits of aircraft management services is the total amount of annual savings offered through the program. A reputable provider will offer a volume fuel-pricing plan that could potentially save your thousands of dollars every year. Additionally, your vendor will also deliver various discounts and savings incentives to help you run your aircraft as efficiently as possible at all times.


Running your airplane on your own often requires individual statements and payment tracking for every role and responsibility. Managing your jet yourself could mean you'd receive single invoicing for your flight crew, scheduler, and a maintenance team. However, working with a sole source to manage every need streamlines the billing process, offering a single monthly report that outlines every expense. Your vendor will also offer receipts and any necessary documentation so you'll have everything you need for tax filing purposes.

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