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Private Jet Charter Company: Top 10 Questions to Ask

If you’re searching for a private jet service, you already know that you don’t have to own an aircraft to enjoy the luxury of private flights. Choosing a private jet charter company for your personal travel or business travel needs is not a decision you want to take lightly. As you consider your options with the various operators around you, here are some top questions you should ask to ensure you make the best decision.

  1. Does your company have an Air Operator's Certificate (AOC)?
  2. An AOC is a certificate awarded by the FAA allowing an organization to legally charter aircraft to the general public. Certificate holders must comply with an extensive number of FAA requirements to maintain this accreditation. There are aircraft owners/operators that do not comply with these regulations and are not legally allowed to charter their aircraft. 

  3. What types of aircraft do you have in your fleet?
  4. Aircraft are designed to fit a limited scope of missions. If you plan to fly long overseas flights, you will want an operator with large cabin aircraft options. If you fly into small mountain towns with lots of ski gear like Telluride, Colorado, you might want a turboprop aircraft with great short runway performance. It is recommended to find an operator with a wide range of different aircraft size options; and as your needs change they will be able to provide you with the right aircraft for the job.

  5. Where are your aircraft based?
  6. Find an operator with a fleet of aircraft in your primary location. Utilizing a local fleet will drive down the overall cost of the charter, keeping additional repositioning fees to a minimum. For example, many large companies have what is referred to as a floating fleet. This simply means the repositioning costs are built into the hourly rate. For best results, find aircraft at the nearest airport to you.

  7. Have you been audited by a third-party safety auditing firm?
  8. The primary auditing firms (Argus, Wyvern, and IS-BAO) set the industry standard of safety and quality. Finding an operator that has been audited once in the last year shows that they are willing to put a priority on safety.

  9. Do you have 24/7 Phone Support?
  10. The nature of flying private is that things can and will change. You want access to flight coordinators 24/7 should you have an amendment to your plan.  Make sure it's not an answering service, but rather a live person with direct ties to dispatching the aircraft.

  11. How is payment handled?
  12. There are two primary options. Payment upfront, such as buying into a jet card/membership program or pay as you go. Choose a charter company that offers both options so you can decide which option benefits you and/or your business with the most impact.

  13. How many years have you been in the aircraft charter business?
  14. While being a new company isn't always a bad thing, having experience in the aviation industry can mean everything.

  15. Do you have a Safety Management System?
  16. While it is not required by the FAA, companies that focus on safety will have a robust and active Safety Management System.

  17. What is your call out time for last minute flights?
  18. You never know when you might need a last-minute flight. The best charter companies know that and are staffed specifically for that last-minute charter request.

  19. What is your catering policy?
  20. While some companies add this into the charter rate, it is advised to find a company that only charges you for the catering you receive. Only paying for the service you receive will help keep your costs down.

Making sure you ask the right questions before settling on a private charter operator can help you better ensure peace of mind and safety as you use their services. You want to be certain that the company you choose has the aircraft, high safety standards, knowledgeable staff, and appropriate pricing to meet your private flying needs.

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