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10 Celebrities Who Own a Luxury Private Jet

A private jet is a luxury status symbol—find out which popular celebrities own them.

Celebrities are always doing everything in style, which is why the general public loves learning about their lives. One notable difference between celebrities and the average person? Owning a private luxury jet. Find out who in Hollywood has their own!

Celebrities with Private Jets

These ten celebrities travel on their own terms with beautiful private jets that get them where they need to go!

Tom Cruise

This action movie hero is well-known for his roles that include flying and jumping out of planes, so it should come as no surprise that he also owns his very own private jet. The rumor is that he has one of the nicest private jets in Hollywood!

Bill Gates

Supporting global customers is no small task, and it can come with quite a bit of travel too. Bill Gates owns a private jet that he uses to travel for business, vacations, and more!

Taylor Swift

Known for her top hits, Taylor Swift enjoys traveling the world to visit family, friends, and fans. Her private jet empowers her to travel locally and beyond to get where she needs to go as quickly as possible.

Kim Kardashian

The Kardashian family is well-known for their immense fortune and dedicated fanbase. To enjoy the life of luxury that they love to show off, the family often travels on Kim Kardashian’s private jet.

Jeff Bezos

Few businessmen have left a larger mark on modern history than Jeff Bezos. With his immense fortune and global operations, it is obvious why he relies on private jets to get him where he needs to go.

Oprah Winfrey

Oprah loves to give things away, but her company was all too happy to give her a gift—her very own private jet. With her jet, she can travel comfortably, so she is refreshed and ready to meet the public!

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

This former wrestler-turned-leading actor is known for his Hollywood work and his impact on the world of tequila. Since he is constantly traveling for work, he prefers to do it from the comfort of his own private jet.

John Travolta

Known for his singing and acting, John Travolta has been delighting audiences for years. Fortunately, his hard work has allowed him to enjoy multiple private jets in his lifetime.

Chris Hemsworth

In recent years, Chris Hemsworth has skyrocketed to Hollywood fame with leading roles like Thor. To manage his busy schedule and get some peace from his fans, he enjoys traveling on a private jet.

Beyonce & Jay-Z

This popular musical power couple has been filling the airwaves with top hits for years. When they are between projects, they enjoy traveling in a private jet that can take them exactly where they need to go. Some investments are just plain worth it!

The Takeaway

Finding the perfect private jet for convenient travel means working with a private jet company that can handle everything for you. These celebrities partner with companies just like ours to enjoy traveling on their own terms. Contact us today to learn more!

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